The Importance Of Career In Film Careering

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Having the right career is very important and can be a very hard decision to make. Many students struggle in making the right decision when choosing a good fitting career. When I was thinking about a career that I would want to pursue, I wanted to make sure I chose a career that I thought was interesting and I would like to do. Two careers that I have been thinking about pursuing are film directing or photography. I think these two careers would be the best fit for me because they are two careers that interest me and I think would be fun to do. To begin with, film directing is a very different career when being compared to what most people think of when deciding what career to pursue. Film directing is part of the movie industry, which can be a very competitive field to become well known in. Although, it is said that, new job opportunities are very likely in the future for directors (“Directors”). While this is very good information to know, getting a secure job in the film industry is very challenging and can be scary to think about because when starting out in the film industry there isn’t a lot of money that can be earned. I knew that when considering this job there will be times when I just want to quit because I won’t be earning a lot of money, but I need to keep trying my best and wait for my opportunity. I say this because the average starting pay for a director is $32,940 (“Directors”). This seems like a lot of money to me right now, but in the future, I would like

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