The Importance Of Career Indecision

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Choosing a career is one of the most important decision most of us ever make. The choice of career depends upon the individual, whether to follow the footsteps of a parent, taking over a family business, or pursuing one’s passion or lifelong dream. Nowadays, most adolescents tend to be more independent, especially in choosing the career they want to pursue. However, some face the challenging task of deciding on their individual careers. Certainty and indecision are two variables that have been designed to assess career decision status (Ma & Yeh, 2005). Career certainty refers to one 's degree of certainty of having made a career decision while career indecision is defined as an inability to make a decision about the career one wishes to pursue (Guay, Senecal, Gauthier, & Fernet, 2003). Students’ career choice may fulfill their needs, values, interests and may influence their quality of life. However, career indecision is experienced by many college students across all years and studies have shown that career indecision is indeed felt by a significant number of college students and this is mainly the focus of most counsellors nowadays. Career indecision plays a major role in the way students perceive their future career and how they approach these prospects. In addition, it influences career-related thoughts and decisions, and plays a role in the way students formulate career goals (Jordaan, Smithard & Burger, 2009). Some students need information about themselves and the
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