The Importance Of Career Success

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The type and scope of careers have evolved over the years with the advancement of technology and globalisation (Biemann, Zacher, & Feldman, 2012; cited in Zacher, 2014), which result to the need for individuals to adapt to these changes for career survival (Savickas et al., 2009; cited in Zacher, 2014). Having said that, the evolution of humans’ needs have also changed from physiological and safety needs to the need of self-actualisation in their lives. This change has resulted in the appearance of various career success definitions in career literatures and the theoretical consensus view focuses on career success as objective career success (extrinsic reward) and subjective career success (intrinsic reward) (Wang, Olson & Shultz, 2013; cited in Olson and Shultz, 2013). In addition to the required job knowledge, one’s would need to posses the desired personality traits and emotional intelligence to achieve career success. Psychologists have proposed various psychological or personality definitions which mostly comprises of psychological traits of individuals. Allport (1961), a prominent early figure in personality psychology, defined personality as a dynamic organisation, within an individual, of psychophysical systems that create his or her behaviors, thoughts and feelings (cited in Maltby, Day, and Macaskill, 2009). Subsequently, psychologists discuss and research on personality relating to psycho-analytic (Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and Karen Horney),

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