The Importance Of Cartography

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Background of the Study Geography plays a vital part in the general public. Decision-making established with regards to geography is common to human. Where individuals go, what will it should be similar to, and what might individuals do when they get there are connected to the straightforward occasion of heading off to the store or to the real occasion of propelling a bathysphere into the sea 's depths. By understanding geography and people 's relationship to location, people can make informed decisions about the way people live on our planet. One of the most common branches of geography is cartography which is the study and the art of creating maps, (ESRI, 2008).
Cartography is a discipline as old as humankind and as young as today’s newspaper. Cartography is old because as a means of expression the map probably predates many other forms of human communication, and maps survive that are several thousand years old. Cartography is young because it is a discipline that has been subjected to a series of revolutions in innovative technology. At first, these revolutions came separated by centuries, and in the case of the era following the decline of Greek and Roman cartography most of the cumulative knowledge of map-making were forgotten since the advent of the digital computer. However, people have become used to cartography as being in a state of almost constant technological revolution.
Fortunately, the revolution has also sent cartography back to its historical and

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