The Importance Of Cartoon Movies In The Classroom

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Technology is a vital aspect of modern experiences. It has enabled school teachers to make their lecture notes interactive and effective. Cartoon Movies have proven to improve students’ performance since they help in the retention of lessons. Technology (such as online games to solve riddles, coloring games and scientific equipment to perform different experiments within classrooms, various softwares to teach English Language and its functions) is an excellent resource to reinforce lectures and turn the dull lessons into attention-grabbing and effectively motivating learning experiences. Cartoon movies contain colorful sceneries, animated graphics and sound to capture and maintain students’ attention. Due to their use, students are able to access and explore new concepts and ideas that were previously limited to the pages of books. When properly integrated in classroom instruction and curriculum, technology can be used to address the various learning styles and abilities of students. Attractive and notable pedagogic innovations through cartoon movies, songs, dramas and many other fictional or scientific programs create exciting learning experiences. It is important to mention that visual materials can create a harmony between the students and the instructional methodology and materials used. In classrooms teachers have to deal with a wide variety of learning styles of students, such as learners with the preference for visual aid because of their inability to follow oral

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