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Technology is a vital aspect of modern experiences. It has enabled school teachers to make their lecture notes interactive and effective. Cartoon Movies have proven to improve students’ performance since they help in the retention of lessons. Technology (such as online games to solve riddles, coloring games and scientific equipment to perform different experiments within classrooms, various softwares to teach English Language and its functions) is an excellent resource to reinforce lectures and turn the dull lessons into attention-grabbing and effectively motivating learning experiences. Cartoon movies contain colorful sceneries, animated graphics and sound to capture and maintain students’ attention. Due to their use, students are able to…show more content…
They also start taking interest in learning English; same is the case with Pakistani students. Downey (2003) elaborates that ideas and actions through the use of contemporary cartoon movie enhances learner’s social competence. The teachers, parents, students and school administration are all conceptually aware of the inclusion of technology in teaching and learning situations. The educational institutes which facilitate teachers with visual aids and other related resources like worksheets, activity guide books related to their lesson plans, prove to be more successful in effective English language teaching than others (S. Krashen, 1982; Chris Watkins, 2007; Eileen Carnell, 2007; Caroline Lodge, 2007). When students participate in different classroom activities like role playing to learn the direct and indirect speech or when they are given word search activity to improve their spellings and vocabulary bank, they get acquainted with different exciting ways of learning rather than travelling on the monotonous path of rote learning. This research is going to help analyze this fact by experimenting on a sample of students (girls) of grade VIII which were not familiar with this type of teaching and learning

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