Why Do Celebrities Become Famous

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Celebrities are some of the most discussed things in the world but, they are just like us right. They sleep, eat, drink and have jobs to make a living. But celebrities are far different from normal people in more ways than one. So are they famous because they’re different or different because they’re famous. Celebrities lives change drastically after they become famous.

To start, the schedule of a celebrity is very different from a normal person. First, they travel very frequently when compared to average people. To illustrate, bands and singers often have to spend months or even years planning and traveling in tours around the world. For example, a tour done by the Rolling Stones lasted over a full year in planning, traveling and performing. Second, Celebrity’s work often involve jobs that use up very large amounts of time. To explain, Dwayne Johnson is a perfect example, not only does he have eight movies currently being made he also is set to star in three new movies during 2018! Last, some
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Firstly, a lot of very famous people work in positions that give them a great deal of importance. For example, Donald Trump has a massive amount of influence over what happens in the USA due to him becoming president. Secondly, Celebrities have very large followings they can impress upon. To illustrate, the entirety of the fashion industry is shaped by celebrities just by them sharing outfits they wear. The spread of fashions through celebrites is furthered by magazine companies publishing to the public. Lastly, celebrities have slathers of funds that they can use to make large projects possible. To illustrate, Bill gates has a net worth of over 84.2 billion dollars to date and has donated 27 billion dollars to charities over his lifetime. In addition, he also run the Melinda Gates Foundation alongside his wife wich issues grants for initiative programs around the
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