The Importance Of Cell Phone Life

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On a bright sunny Saturday afternoon I got done with my work and I walked into the living room to watch some television and saw my grandson on his phone. He asked me" hey grandpa how come you don't have a phone like this." I responded to him saying "I don't have one because I've never had one like that so I gave never sought the need to have it now." I right after that told my grandson "that phones are supposed to be used as tools not to sit there and be on them all day because you want to." When I was a kid all we used them for is too make appointments and snare really good news, otherwise whom I needed to talk too was standing or sitting right in front of me. Also a kid likes you in my day wouldn't even get us use a phone unless your parents told you could plus they were too heavy to tote around.…show more content…
Also Instead of the big towers and things that connect the calls there was people that did that and they were really friendly. My grandson tells me that "the cell phone world has changed and that cell phones are not only for calling people now they are also for playing games on and taking pictures of things with it."" He tells me that the phones also have that internet in which you can look up anything that you need to know the answer too." "Also the phones have evolved so much that they are now touchscreens." I told him all of those things are good but that occupies you all the time doing something and always chattering. When the operator goes home that is when the people who need to talk meet face to face and sit on the porch and enjoy our time together while it

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