The Importance Of Cell Phone Policy In Schools

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The general interest of my Senior Project is on cellphone policy in Philadelphia Pa, I picked this topic because I would like to know why most schools don't allow their students to have their own cell phones. I have been transferred from a school to another one school allow our phone and the other did not allow it. I will use my real world experience as my knowledge base for my Senior Project. People all across the country have many different types electronic devices, and there are abundant amounts of freedom that come with them. There are so many types of different technologies to pick. Such technology is great for many uses, but it is not always appropriate in certain times and places in the day. The principal at my school has adopted a new policy that bans the use of cell phones during school hours. I do and do not agree with my principal. Cell phones can be very distraction in many ways to students and teachers during school. They will cause conflicts between students and teacher during classes. With cell phones, you can easily reach your kids for any reason to ask them questions, change plans, or to simply…show more content…
Most kids already have their own phones and can search things up in a second when they are asked to. The school can saved the money for textbooks to buy other school supplies. Kids can also teach teachers how to use their cell phones, iPads, and Kids need something to do to take a break from stressful school work and for anything else that can happen in a school day. What better device to do that than a phone. A phone is a way to take stress off of a student that struggles in school and needs a break at recess or any other free period to take some stress. Students will desfinitely work better if they have less stress. So, having a phone is the best way to take a break about halfway through the
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