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ection 1: Issue Exploration: Presentation of Ideas TOPIC: I want to explore how cell phone have become a huge distraction for people Interest In Topic: I have interest in my topic because it is interesting how cell phones over the years have been a huge impact in our lives. But with cell phones they have created a huge distraction for everyone. From getting text message to having to check social media on our phone we often check it through the days. Cell phone distracts us from education such as getting a text message in class and more concerned what is going on within our cell phone than what we are supposed to be learning. Also distracts us while driving, as soon as we get a message when want to read it. Distracting us from doing homework …show more content…

Also ways to solve this distraction. Also how much of a impact cell phones are to people. Add to Discussion: - With this topic I think I will be able to add personal experiences I have had with cell phone distractions. An how atmospheres are different now with the usage of cell phones. Section 2: Stakes: The Critical Importance of the Idea Who Cares about this Idea and Why? This topic is very important to our society. I think everyone should be aware of how much of a distraction phones are for people. I think school administrators should care about this situation such for the learning being interrupted for distraction…. Specific populations / groups of people affected or touched by the idea: I believe that everyone is affected by topic,if they own a phone they know how much they distract them from other things. I think it affects the social group because you are constantly intouthc with people are trying to see what is happening in someone else's life. Conversations are already going on about your topic? Some conversation that already going on about my topic is banning phones from school, creating a no phone law while in car, and there are probably a lot more laws and rules that are

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