Why Should Cell Phones Not Be Allowed In School

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What? We can not use our phone at school any more. With phone we can be entertain because we can get on YouTube to watch video or movies or download apps to play on. There is about 95 present of teen who uses there phone to get on the Internet. There are 73 percent of teens have a smart phone, and 15 percent have a basic phone. Most children get their phone when they are twelve. Teen typical always send and receive 30 message a day. More than 91 present of teen are on their phone occasionally all day. Teens spend more time on their phone than they are suppose to. Cell phone should not be aloud to be used in school because children can get distracted, can bully someone and help someone cheat on a test. Cell phones can be use for different things, but not for school because it is distracting. Telephone can be distracting in school, because teen would want to play games and not listen to their teacher. When the teacher is having a lesson the teen would get bored, so he or she would get on there phone to play a game and not listen to the…show more content…
When teens are taking a test, they could search all the answer on Google. Teen can pass all of their test by using Google, but if they just cheat it would not help them pass at all in their class. When they use Google, they could use it for all of their assignment in their class. Another way of cheating is by sending other people the test. Teen can show other people the test, and with this it could help the other to study the right thing and not all of it. When they have the test they could look up and not all of it. When they have the test they could look up the answer. Another way teen could cheat if for them to send each other the answer. Teens would not have to study because they could get all of the answer from their friends. Cell phone should not be use in school because teen could use it to pass the
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