Argumentative Essay On Cell Phones In Schools

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Over the years, there have been attempts to create changes in school safety and security. After the Columbine High School shooting, there were a lot of questions asking whether or not to allow students to carry their cellphones as a tool for their safety, in case of a shooting or other crisis. For years, school systems have opposed policies allowing or encouraging students to have cellphones in schools because of how they are disruptive to educational environment. The changing of policy about cell phones seems to be more about the parental and student convenience rather than safety, but, nevertheless, it is still a safety tool in case of an emergency regardless of what other “entertainment” use students might find for it. I think schools…show more content…
The cell phones should be used only by school administrators and crisis team members as a crisis management resource tool, not the hundreds or thousands of students rushing to use their cell phones and ending up overloading the cell phone system and making it useless. Therefore the use of cell phones by students instead of helping it would only end up making things worse and help the safety crisis less. Also, the phone calls and texting from students to their family members during such times can make parents rush to school, in panic, and complicate things for the public safety officials since they require the area free from people for evacuations or any other tactical or safety reasons. This could also actually delay the parent-student reunification or medical help to any injured student. In extreme situations, it could put parents in a zone of potential harm where there is nothing they could possibly do but create traffic and jam the area. During the Columbine tragedy, the cell phone system got overloaded. Various students calling all at the same time overloads the cell phone system and could knock it out faster than in other situations. Cell phones are used by officers and school administrators as backup communications tools, widespread student use in a crisis might potentially eliminate the crisis team main communication tool in a very short period of critical
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