The Importance Of Censorship In Journalism

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Persuasive essay-Rough draft Should there be censorship in journalism? Censorship is the child of fair and the father of ignorance (Laurie Halse Anderson). People live in an exhilarating world of progressing communication and media transformation. The society of today’s world is hurrying along at a speedy step, and so is journalism. Modern communication and journalism reorganization bring the information in the all areas of world to the millions of people in improving, effective, technologically ways. It has a great power, because it owned incredibly perspectives to introduce innocent as guilty and to demonstrate guilty as innocent to the society. Also it can influence the unconscious of world in different ways. As a result of its political, psychological effects, governments implement censorship in media to provide its security. Censorship is one of the most popular catchwords of today’s world. Censorship is standardized the control of content the information and communication. On the other hand, implementation censorship in media became controversial discussion. Despite the opponents claim that media freedom plays major role in democracy by providing human right, censorship should be realized in journalism, because it provides the rights, national security and information health. National security is one of the most significant reasons for censorship. National security keep the safety of government form threatening remarks by different nations
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