Censorship In The 21st Century

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Censorship is when people put suppression on part of books, news, and other information. People censor other people because some martial is considered objectionable or harmful. Some information that can be blocked is the news, websites, and even the internet. In fact, censorship continues all around the universe. Furthermore, censorship occured in the past and continues in the 21st century. To understand censorship we must first learn about the Middle Ages, modern times, and the current issue in our world. ` To begin, Qin shi Huang was the “first emperor” of china. He did not like the fact of history because he wanted people to think he was the first emp eror. Therefore, he censored writers of history, poetry philosophy by burning books.…show more content…
To begin King Jong Un censors his people by enforcing laws the outside world. He does this because he does not want to lose power if people talk badly about him, or else he could lose his power. For instance, Ku Jong Un has sent laws in place. Also, the punishment for not following the rules are 10 years of re-education, forced labor, fine, lost of privileges and death. He is afraid to lose his power of his people. He put these laws so his people can think that they are lucky to live there. However, people in North Korea are acutely living badly they don’t have carbs, food, and a home to live in. Ancient China and modern day North Korea have many similarities. Both North Korea and Ancient China gave there people harsh punishment to their people 's. In modern day North Korea give the punishment out and if the people did not obey the rules they can go up till 5 years in hard labor. During Ancient China the emperor Qin Shi Quang gave out strict rules to follow and if they didn’t follow the people will be sent to hard labor building the Great Wall of China. Modern Day North Korea both had similar rules to follow for their
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