The Importance Of Censorship In The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

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To Ban, Or Not To Ban “The books that the world calls immoral are books that show its own shame”. The final passage from The Picture of Dorian Gray by controversial author Oscar Wilde. This is a thought provoking example of Wilde’s beliefs on censorship and self-realization. Wilde states that any book the world deems immoral, or inappropriate, is because the book reveals a shameful aspect of the world that people, and especially leaders, do not support or agree with, because it has the potential to spoil the righteous reputation they consider themselves to have. Censorship of this manner has occurred for decades, but barely any books should be censored to the point where they are banned. Catch 22, a highly acclaimed American war novel by widely recognized author, Joseph Heller, has come under controversy multiple times due to sensitive concepts displayed throughout the book. These concepts mirror the real world in ways that people do not want to admit are true. The novel was banned in school districts in Strongsville, Ohio and in Dallas, Texas mainly as a result of indecent language and descriptive sexual scenes among other things. Although some young readers may be able to understand the content of Catch 22, the novel should only be included in higher levels of a high school English curriculum due to the sensitive nature of the immoral conduct presented. Immoral actions, including using profane language in an attempt to degrade or harm others, should be discussed
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