Cerebellum Research Paper

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Cerebellum is a complex structure of neurons located at the base of structure in the posterior fossa. It lies back to the occipital lobe of the brain and dorsal to the brainstem, at the level of the pons and the medulla. The cerebellum is separated from the brain stem by the fourth ventricle. It is also connected to the brainstem by three branches: 1. superior cerebellar branch 2. medial cerebellar branch 3. inferior cerebellar branch Cerebellum functions as the motor brain and it is important for many functions ex: maintenance of balance, to control the posture, gait stability, it also helps in the coordination of voluntary movement, and in the motor learning. So the cerebellum has been considered as the motor structure, it is also important…show more content…
from the primary auditory cortex to the pontine nuclei which is located inside the pons to the cerebellar cortex through the middle cerebellar peduncle. 2. from the medial geniculate body which shows communication with the auditory cortex to the vermis of the cerebellum through the dorsolateral pontine nuclei. Not all auditory pathways go through the cerebellum for example: the pathways that start from the cochlear nucleus to the inferior colliculus. There are data of the experiments that was conducted on animals shows that cerebellum acts as a collaborator in the auditory processing and in cognition, which opens more fields for research. Other experiments done on humans showed that the cerebellum acts as intensifier of neural responses coordinating direction and auditory pathway, also it suggests that the cerebellum cooperate in the processing of the non-verbal stimuli and it would also work as back up expanding its capacity to store the hearing analyzer. There is also other evidence that shows that the lateral hemispheres and the Ponto cerebellum may be sensitive to the auditory region of the

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