Change In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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Change. Many people are scared of change, and many are eager for it. This is what causes disputes among those with different opinions about change. Whether it 's an issue from decades ago or weeks ago people will start to want action. After all isn 't it time for revolution?
In April of 2015 many fast-food workers were angered by the low wages they were getting paid and protested for higher wages. These workers believed they were not getting fair pay due to where they lived, New York and Los Angeles, where rent is higher. According to Bruce Horovitz and Yamiche Alcindor from USA TODAY, the protesters claimed they needed $15 an hour at the lowest. The protesters want change like the citizens of California want water during a drought.
The issue of not getting paid enough to have a stable living environment has been going on for decades. In the reading The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck tells a detailed story about a family, the Joad’s, that moved out west to California for a better life. The downfall was that the life they were striving toward didn’t turn out how they expected. The Joad’s expected there to be work when they arrived in California but upon arrival, they quickly found that there were fewer jobs available.
They went from town to town to find jobs because they needed
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The workers that were protesting outside the farm in The Grapes of Wrath are just like the protesters that protested in New York, they wanted fair and better wages so they could support themselves and their families. Although these two situations happened in different eras, they still hold the same issue that people need fair wages in order to survive. In the book, the low wages were bad because the Joad family couldn 't afford food while the low wages now won’t allow workers to pay rent. The time periods might be different but the issues are still the
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