Why Do People Change So Fast Essay

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Have you tried asking yourself, “Why do people change so fast? Why do we need to undergo changes? Can they be still the same after many years?” well, that are the thoughts running in my mind right now. A lot of people resist change and settle on what they always do, because they believe that it’s better to face the devil which is known than an angel that is unknown. They are afraid to take risks, afraid of mistakes that something unpleasant might happen. Moreover, because they don’t want to be different from others, they don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Change is inevitable, a part of human nature. Consequently, it is quoted that change is the only constant thing in the world and to put in other words, nothing will ever stay the same. However,…show more content…
You just need to be optimistic, don’t focus on your failure, failure is just one tiny possibility in a sea of unknown outcomes. Do your best to let go on what you cannot control and focus more on what you have control. Start with making taking small steps first, because it’ll be your stepping stone on achieving bigger actions. Don’t also forget that we must enjoy life, you should also learn how to take risk. Spending your life playing it safe would make you miss the possibilities that something good may happen. Risk is worth taking, sometimes the biggest risk is taking no risk at all. But with all of this, the most important is to learn how to seek for help. No man is an island- you have friends, others may leave but here will be someone that will always be there for you, you also have your family that’ll always supports, and the most important, our God that is always there to guide us. Change is part of human nature. We fear change for variety of reasons. These fears are often may be because of fear with failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of criticism and fear of the unknown. There’s a lot of ways to cope up changes, we just need to believe and to be optimistic. Don’t let fear to conquer you. Always remember, Charles Darwin once said,” It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can manage
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