Personal Narrative: Changing My Study Habits

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My time from the beginning of Middle school to now was bittersweet: there were good times and bad. When I was in grade six, I was a completely different person. I did not care about school as much and was loose about matters. This lead to rather lazy work habits, and lower achievement of grades. My grades at the time weren’t as bad as some of my peers but were still lacking effort. As I got up to higher grades, like seven and eight, I realized school was going to be fairly advanced and I had to start trying immensely. That’s when I took things into consideration and seriously. A light sparked in my head for me to change and improve. I’ve changed drastically from Middle school by having an advanced maturity, a change in physical appearance,…show more content…
“To change bad habits, we must study the habits of successful role models”. - Jack Canfield. I’ve improved my study habits immensely from the beginning and I couldn’t do it without inspiration from a role model. The Prophet Muhammad was the reason I was inspired to go further and change. He used to spend hours dedicating his livelihood to Allah. He spent his whole life spreading a message of peace and until this day, it still remains. From the beginning, I was lazy and did not care as much about my grades. It was a bad habit and it needed to change. So, I sat down and thought about it. I thought and told myself I should be like the Prophet. We as Muslims should be like him. So, I made a change. I started to do my homework every day no matter what came up. I studied every little detail of the material for a test. I was dedicated to becoming better. That’s when things changed. My grades started to take a raise and I was consistent to this day. This bad habit was eventually lost by the end of grade six, and a good habit was born. To this day, I still have this good habit Alhamdulillah and I hope that I’ll always be improving. I’ve also learned how to develop a good study system with my friends. We help each other out by making study guides for tests and assignments. By doing so, we don’t compete with each other or cut each other down. We all act as a team so we all can achieve high…show more content…
They can be vast and puffy when the sun is out, but also create a storm: dangerous with a bad outcome. Ever since I started, it was a new life for me. I could explore but at the same time, it meant having a great level of wisdom, changing an appearance and having improved work habits leading me to success. I’ve learned a valuable lesson in middle school; Always study hard and maintain it. If anyone follows this path, they can succeed to wherever they want to

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