The Importance Of Change In Nursing

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1 Introduction Change is an inevitable part of life. In this ever changing society, it is important that nurses change practices in a bid to improve on quality care rendered to patients. “Nursing management is the coordination and integration of nursing resources to accomplish care and provision through application of the management process” stated Huber (2006) in her book. A good management team plays an important role in the function and continuity of any organization. In this essay, I will analyse the management role and style involved when implementing change in my area of practice. I will discuss about the leadership style adopted during the change process. 2 Area of Practice Hospital X’s mission is to provide high quality yet cost-effective healthcare committed to achieve best outcomes for its patients faster and cheaper whilst maintaining patient safety. Morris et al. (2013) explained that how well patients do is based on patient satisfaction. Quality of care is measured by the Ministry of Health Singapore through The Patient Satisfaction Survey. This survey is carried out solely by an independent survey company. The survey which requires patients to rate the hospital, aims to assess a patient’s level of satisfaction with the organization’s facilities, quality display of knowledge, skills and care by the health-care professionals. It is designed to obtain suggestions for on-going progression of service. Patients were asked if they would recommend the hospital to

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