Accepting Feminism In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Change- Change is the sole thing in the world which is constant. The moment we are born and till we die , we experience changes in our life, in the lives of people around us and especially in our surroundings. A change may be very big, sometimes happy , like one’s marriage. Change can sometimes specifically as a human being, we cannot deny this fact that nothing is perennial or constant in this world and that moments of tragedies have to happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. That does not mean that one should be tragic too, like death of a loved one. As a living creature and start having a pessimistic approach towards life and just wait for tragedies to come and death to sweep away your life. Where there is darkness , light follows.…show more content…
First of all, what irritates me the most is what people say that we have a patriarchal society with man as the head and woman as the care taker or what we term as "nurturer". i do not want to impose "feminism" in this aspect, for feminism being the most overrated phenomenon today. according to me, society should neither be patriarchal nor matriarchal. it should be equal for living creature. when hod has not created any such differences in terms of who deserves how much, then who are we to create those barriers? secondly, I question as in how can we say that we are on the path of progress when we oursrlves become the blockage of that path. the tradituons , customs and precisely the blind faiths that have bren followed since ages are still being followed without anyone questioning them. and the most annoying apart of tgese blind faiths is that everytime it is the woman who has to sacrifice. even if we say that sati pratha has completely ended but practices like these are still followed in many cultures. for example, muslim widows are not allowed to move out of a dark room, not even face the sunlight for four months after the demise of their husband. the sacrifice still doesnot end there, for the next eight years, the woman has to hide her body completely and not even her nails to be visible! but when a man's wife dies, he does not even wait for a month and gets married…show more content…
there is a very simple task we have to do that would really change our way of life and that is managing time. if we learn how to manage time by setting priorities , no one can stop us from achieving what all we desire. one more point related to this issue is that people today, especially in India have a disastrous misconception that their life, their career, their relationships, everything is dependant on luck, on destiny, on fate. Thus, they do not give their full efforts. and when they fail, thry never accept their folly of being lazy and not giving their hundred percent, rather, would give a non sensical excuse of "lack of good luck". if we continue to keep our minds like this, we can never go ahead and would be stuck at the same position forever. politics and head of the state phenomenons were created in the society to make it civilized and to manage the system in a much better way. but people have now changed the true meaning and motive of politics completely. today, people want to be a part of politics to earn black money and live grand lives. this has sown seeds of corruption and fraud too. all this has created a stigma upon it and has made it infamous. if this continues in the coming time, caste and class differences would further increase and equality and justice would be completely denied to people with inadequate resources

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