The Importance Of Change In Software Development

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The purpose of this research is to minimize the causes and effects through taxonomy which occur due to change in software requirements. The system adoptability and usability imparts people to demand more that is why changes occurs during the developing cycle and after the delivery of product, so if change is not managed properly then it can affect the software overall performance. Most Common reason of software project failure is requirement variations. Mismanaged changes in software requirements can also lead to failure of project. Different requirement changes occur during different phases of software development. During many construction projects frequent changes often result in time extend, cost increase, quality issues and other
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It is unavoidable that the software design will require changes during the software life cycle. In these consequences, the provided solutions should be flexible enough to adopt changes in the future. Major concern for software development team is maintenance of software after the delivery to the Customer. This may include new customer requirements, error correction and software update. Maintenance cost of products is more than half of the total software development cost. A vital reason for the high cost is software updates and error corrections.
Many people in an organization are promoting change with some validation and having the knowledge of the range of change these people known as agents of change. Change agents are those persons who are directly or indirectly relate with the system. It is not generally categorized that change must be proposed by the sponsor and victor.

Table 1. People and their roles in change control
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Emergent changes are “caused by the design’s state, where error occur across the whole design of the software and throughout the software life cycle can lead to implement change”. Given this perspective, design errors due to human mistakes, unlike more fundamental flaws in the design, are not considered emergent changes since they are not explicitly caused- by the design’s state.
In initiated changes “change rising from an external source, generally a new requirement from customers, or change can be initiated by the manufacturer”. Such initiated changes may be difficult to control, although, in some circumstances, negotiation with customers and manufacturers can help to manage these modifications. If the complete impact of an initiated change is not determined, unexpected, emergent changes can certainly arise.

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