The Importance Of Change In The Business Organization

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For the big and small business organizations, it has become very much problematic to maintain the balance in each and every department. Burnes (2005, p.875) put forward that with the advancement of technology, the problems are also increasing in the business organization. It has been found that the employees of the business organizations are not enough trained or skilled. So, it becomes very difficult for the employees to perform their best in the organization. There is lack of communications between the different departments. So it becomes very much difficult for the higher authorities to understand the working style in the organization. The different departments perform as individual in the organization. Importance of change In the present…show more content…
It helps to reorganization the whole structure of the organization and the management. It also influences the individuals to discuss the innovative and the creative ideas with the management to adopt the change effectively. Through the complexity theory the business, organization sets the best pattern. In this stage the business organization, adopt various models for implementing the strategic changes in the organization. Through complexity theory, the business organization can grab various opportunities and solve every kind of problem that the business organizations face. It has been found that company like Tesco, Sainsbury, ASDA and Morrison has got enough advantage by using this complexity theory. This theory has helps the companies to adopt the changes effectively within the organization. It has also helped organizations to increase the market share of product and services in the…show more content…
As due to lack of communication sometimes, the individual becomes uncertain about what exactly happening in the organization. The business organization should make the employees also a major part while implementing the changes. Employee resistance Here the learner has found that sometimes the individual employees are very much comfortable with the change. Nevertheless, on the other side it has been also found that there are few employees who face terrible problems and barriers to adopt the changes as per the environment or requirement. In this situation, it becomes tough for the management to balance the whole scenario. Here, the learner has put forwarded that whether the change is planned or unplanned, the management and the individual is going to face these problems while implement the change in the organization. It has been found that sometimes the employees are not ready to accept the change in the organization. In large organizations, where there is complex system, the complexity theories are used for simplifying the

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