The Importance Of Character Education In Schools

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The issue of whether character education should be taught in schools is brought to the forefront in this paper. The researcher highlights that character education when taught in schools will have positive impact on student learning outcomes. When students feel safe, engaged, and respected, they can focus on their academic goals. Effective character educators ensure that these needs are met. Character education is the foundation upon which students can reach academic achievement. It’s not just about teaching kids to be good. It’s teaching them to be their best. This paper suggests that teaching character should be just as important as teaching academics. Development of character is part of the solution to the contemporary social problems and…show more content…
Yet some teachers try to sympathize with student cheaters because they think that tests are unfair or flawed, or use some other excuse. Moral standards reflect basic human truths, and they should be passed on to students. As long as morality is taught in a way that promotes and enforces good character, then it does not matter much about how character education is implemented as long as it does not decrease academic achievement. This is why there are so many different methods and ways to implement character education into schools (Damon, 2005). This is so important because if children learn and get used to cheating at should a young age, then that is exactly what they will contribute to society, this will have detrimental and chaotic effects on society. Character education is absolutely necessary because of the effects on society when there is no morality guiding student’s actions. There are a variety of things that contribute to the growing lack of morality that has occurred throughout the twentieth century. The first is that many aspects of society condone behaviors that are not acceptable in the classroom. This causes children to be uncertain or confused about inappropriate and appropriate behavior in-group settings. Children are also watching more television and they are being exposed to more and more adult-oriented materials. This simultaneously gives them mixed messages about the importance of good character and it reduces the opportunity for “community” learning. Furthermore, parents no longer desire to be their child’s role model; instead, they want to be their friend. Of course, it must be stated that parent involvement significantly increases student achievement. Not only do character education programs have a positive affect academically and socially, but it also affects long-term test scores positively (Brannon,

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