The Importance Of Characteristics In Detective Fictions

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In many detective fictions, there always been a companion by the side of the detectives. Sometimes, they act as the narrator, and shoulder the task of showing the detectives’ legendary deed of solving the case to the public. And at other times, they will act as the assistants to help the detectives do some investigation. Dupin and the narrator “I”, Holmes and Dr. Watson, Father Brown and his friend the once-bandit Flambeau, Poirot and his assistant Hasting, the list of the combination of detective and his or her assistant is too numerous to mention one by one. The assistants are the ideal listeners of the detectives. The detectives will tell them their understanding, deduction and analysis about the cases in time. What’s more, the inferior appearance, personality and intelligence of the assistants set off the brilliant image of the detectives. However, the assistants are, in most cases, the narrator of the story. Taking Dr. Watson for example, readers are forced to accept the limited viewpoint of Watson whose dullness delayed the process of revealing the mystery. Many a time, it is Dr. Watson who pointed out the doubts in the hearts of the average readers. Nobody knows the truth except the detective himself. Thus the mystery is maintained, until the detective solve it at the end of the story. Many detective story writers treats the assistant characters as “implied readers”. The detective writers wish their readers to be as adorably stupid as the assistants. But the readers

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