The Importance Of Charm

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AR Ramos
CHARM Charm, according to is a power of pleasing or attracting as through personality or beauty. The word origin from old french is charme, from latin is carminem. To charm someone is not only by physical attraction but also mental attraction. Barrie (n.d) a scottish author mentioned that “Charm. It’s a sort of bloom on a woman. If you have it, you don’t need to have anything else; and if you don’t have it. It doesn’t matter what else you have” meaning having a charm is all you need to attract people. Charm is not something that you either you have or you don’t have (Dr.Nerdlove,2013). To charm someone is to attract them. There are a number of criterias to be a charming person. According to Wade(2010), the founder of The Feminine woman, Charm is incredibly important in life because it allows you to connect with anyone and everyone a little deeper than just the ‘basic’ and It attracts people to you – men, women and children alike. Charm enables us to communicate with a person in such a way that like we have met them for a long time, this then does not make it a basic conversation. Basic conversation is something as we call it as a ‘small talk’, or like a getting
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To be charming is to make others feel wanted, making them someone who is significant in your life. By doing this you are making them feel that them belong in your life and not just a stranger that you will soon forget. Imagine a scenario and put yourself as a mere stranger to someone popular and you were given a chance to hangout with this person, would it be better if the person talked to you as if you were a part of his friends and not just a fan? Charm builds relationships, it helps create a bond between people that will make them feel comfortable talking to each
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