Student Cheating In Exam Essay

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Albert Einstein said “Most people say that is it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.” From the quotient, the performance of student in examination cannot be measured by the exam score. The definition of exam score is a result that student get for their correct answer after sitting for examination. In Malaysia, there are several big examinations that have been arranged by the Ministry of Education such as UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM. It is compulsory to all students to take the examination except for STPM before they want to continue study in university. Sometimes education rules such as this pushes the student in a niche thereby closing their brainpower to the joys and magnificence of life. Then,…show more content…
Cheating during examination is not the new phenomena in education field and usually happen at school and university. In the era of technology, there are so many tricks that student use to cheating during the examination. So this situation make the teacher felt hard to detect the student that cheating in examination. For example, some student in secondary school copy the examination answer from his or her friend. Bryce Buchman(2014) found approximately 75 percent of university student confess suggesting that probably even more than three quarters of university students have done something against the policy of examination to improve their grades. Why student do cheating during examination? Some students might cheat because they have poor study skills that avoid them from keeping up with the study material such as notes. 35 percent who cited fear of disqualification from a study program or the university (Heibutzki). In addition, cheating also can occur before the examination where some of the teachers give spot question to their student. This is because, normally the test, quiz and examination question are drafted by the teacher. So to ensure their student get higher score, they will give the spot question to their

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