The Importance Of Cheating In Schools

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There is cheating going on in every school, from elementary all the way up to college, but every student is not participating in the academic dishonesty. Student ethics are changing dramatically with the development of technology in the digital age. Schools have a policy to determine consequences for any individual involved in cheating, the teachers are the ones who have the decision to report the cheating or take matters into their own hands. Students have many methods and resources available for them to cheat which causes teachers to discover new ways of how to prevent it in the classrooms. In a classroom full of children it can be difficult for an instructor to watch out for cheating. Jill duffy in the PCMag article How Students Use Technology to Cheat, “Students then take these images and circulate them or sell them online to students who will be taking the same test” (Duffy 6). When the instructor is not paying attention or looking the other way a student might take out a cell phone and take a picture before the test gets turned in. This is a very common method of how students cheat when the teachers schedules a retake test or if a friend might have the same test later on in the day. Students could feel as if cheating is a last resort to pass a class that might be too difficult for them, James M. Lang further elaborates in the Springer Science+Business Media New York article Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty, “Consider the student who is not as
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