The Importance Of Cheerleading

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There were cameras all around, people cheering, and a panel of judges watching the athletes every move. The energy buzzing through the air escalates as the next teams step up to the mat to compete. Just like other competitive sports, cheerleading is a sport that is on the rise to international popularity. Cheerleading is a sport that contains organized routines that include elements from gymnastics, dance, or various types of stunts. The person that performs the cheer routine is called a cheerleader. The age of a cheerleader varies from as young as three to as old as twenty-five. Cheerleading is a sport because cheerleading requires a great amount of strength, it meets all the requirements to be a sport, and cheerleaders put in an ample effort into cheering. First of all, cheerleading is a sport because of the amount of strength a cheerleader is required to have. In the article Cheerleading a Dangerous Dedication, Romanini stated: “Other athletes lift weights, cheerleaders lift athletes”. The amount of strength a cheerleader is required to have is just as great as any other athlete. During stunts a cheerleader must be able to lift a 100-pound girl in the air and throw her into the air. In order to do that, the cheerleader must have a strong upper body and strong arms (Dan Popoloski 1). This quote helps support the claim that cheerleading is a sport because it shows the amount of strength a cheerleader needs to have. A cheerleader has to be able to either lift and toss

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