The Importance Of Child Development

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Introduction The aim of this assignment is to analyse methodically development children endure when they are ready for school, and also discuss how the domains of development which are physical development which focus its attention on physical changes that are visible in child’s body, there’s also cognitive development which studies how the child think and perceive the world around them, thirdly we have personality development which dwell more on the uniqueness of children with regard to their behaviour and feelings and lastly we have social development which involves the development of the individual interactions with others. The assignment further aims to address programmes that have been implemented on family, child care, school, and clinical site levels to help enhance children to develop emotional competence and to avoid emotional difficulties so that they go to school prepared, and how parents involvement, peer-group and society play a role in child school readiness. Theory of domains of development According to Louw, D & Louw, A (2014) there are four domains of human development. The first domain is physical development which entails changes in child’s body such as weight, height and development of the brain and also including the effect of factors such as heredity, hormones and nutrition. Secondly there’s cognitive development which refers to how children come to know and understand the world around them including perception, learning, memory, thinking,
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