The Importance Of Child Development From Birth Into Childhood

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Children are major part of the society and it is often considered that the society in which they are living will have an impact on transition from childhood into adulthood phase. It is true that biologically, both children and adults are different; however each of the child’s experience for childhood will have an influence in their adult life. At present time, many researchers understand that adulthood is nothing but a reflection of childhood development. This essay is based on determining the theme of child development from birth into adulthood and how children are shaped by the world about them and how this impacts on their own sense of self and worth. Child development reflects on to psychological, emotional and biological alterations which occur in human beings from the birth till the end of adolescence, as an individual advances from dependency to rising autonomy. After Frobel in the year 1837 introduces the concept of Kindergarten Movement, the image of the child as being the symbol of ‘innocence’ has been mainly constructed in early childhood practice and policy. Childhood is observed as the time of passivity, where children experiences and receive knowledge from the adults they are living around. Discussion Studies have observed that the socio-cultural context of the children have greater impact on their overall development and growth. According to Lopez & Snyder (2009), culture does impacts on child’s overall development, through diverse cultures; children are
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