The Importance Of Child Development

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Child development is a field of developmental psychology that deals with the different changes seen in a child cognitively and biologically. In medical terms, it is defined as “The processes by which a child acquires skills in the areas of social, emotional, intellectual, speech and language, as well as physical development including fine and gross motor skills. The developmental stages refer to the sequential order of acquiring skills that children typically go through during the various stages of life.”1 Childhood development is not limited to the developing stages of a child, i.e. between the stages of birth and puberty; it also includes the stages of the fetus inside the womb and the adolescent stage of children between 13-19 years of age.2 As stated in the definition, child development is split into several categories. The four main categories of development are classified as Physical, Social and Emotional, Intellectual, and Communication and Speech. All of these categories are interconnected and each category plays a vital role in a child’s overall developmental process. Specialists in child development stress on the importance of development because these are the stages that have a very significant effect on shaping child’s character and personality. It also has an especially important influence on the adulthood stage of the child in the future. As Jack P. Shonkoff, MD, Professor of Child Health and Development once quoted “From pregnancy through early childhood,
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