Child Labour During The Industrial Revolution

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Child labour has been happening since the beginning of the industrial revolution when factories were first introduced. The working conditions unfitting for children with large and dangerous machinery, long work days and very little break time. It is said that child labour was crucial during the Industrial Revolution for it to succeed. By the early 1800s, England had employed over a million child workers. "Factory owners were looking for cheap, malleable and fast-learning work forces – and found them ready-made among the children of the urban workhouses," states Professor Jane Humphries from Oxford. Today, child labour still exists. Perhaps not as much in England but in the rest of the world it has grown. As of 2012, there are 165 million child labourers in the world with 85 million of them working in hazardous conditions. Child labour is most often found in mines or factories.…show more content…
They should be in school getting an education so that our world will have good leaders in the future and our people will be more knowledgeable about the world we live in. If the next generation is not educated, instead of the worlds problems being solved, they will only increase. If the places that the children worked had better conditions, shorter hours and a higher salary, my opinion might be different. The amount of money these children are making is not enough to help their family in the long run. It might buy them an extra cup of rice or help them pay the rent but it is not worth what they are going through everyday to earn the money.
Child labour not only affects the children working, it affects their families, our planet’s future and the economy of their
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