The Importance Of Child Labor In China

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In recent reports it has been shown that child labor has definitely decreased over the past 10 years. The only problem is that since China is not obligated to publish or give any information their child labor statistics, it is unclear if there has been a serious decline. It is doubtful that China with their weak government interference and high drop out rates, that they experience the same decrease in child labor. Each year employers begin to adapt to cutting their labor costs and making a more compliant workforce, so there is no need for them to stop hiring children, it is actually beneficial to them. Since child workers do not affect the economic stability of China such as unemployment or migrant workers moving in to urban cities, this cause for their special needs to be overlooked by either the government or special organizations. In fact, the social workers or authorities that go in search of these children in factories have only done more harm. Employers have them hidden inside houses with terrible conditions and terrible pay, lower than the lowest working standards. It is recommended that China and its government stop relying so much on their legal enforcement. They should find a way on making a more reliable and flexible way of fighting against the abuse of child labor. Policies should be changed and there must be a new way of looking at the supply and demand of these kids. In China, the rules and laws prohibiting the use and exploitation of child labor need to be

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