The Importance Of Child Learning

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Hi, and welcome to my adventure.
This adventure has taken children all over the world since 1940 and will take your child anywhere he or she wants to go. It is a journey of self confidence through learning to read and write using the English Language. Every language has sounds that are used to talk, write or read. We listen to sounds everyday. Think of your own Thai language. Unfortunately, while we teach our children to speak we do not teach them to read and hence be able to spell.
Student’s in most schools are taught word pictures


Teachers teach them the word cat and shows them the picture.

Your child is then robbed of the ability and knowledge of the different sounds that are in the word cat.

This journey
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The confidence that your child will have as they grow in being able to read and understand any document, architectural plan or medical chart or what every they need to read or do in the future to excel in life.
What is the Journey
This is a journey of 55 different units. Each unit will provide more confidence with each step and stage:
This level introduces the student to the different sounds involved in the English language and the most common 2 letter sounds that your child will hear.
Level 1
This level introduces the student your child to the different base 3 letter words and sounds associated with the letters a, e, i, o, u
Level 2
This level introduces the student to 10 more phonetic sounds while including those previously acquired
Level 3
Level 3 is another 9 new combinations and a review of all the sound combinations that have been taught previously.
Level 4
Nine new sound combinations are introduced at this level along with another verification of all sounds learned so far n the
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Students will be given a notebook and handouts of the section they need at the beginning of the level. Students will receive SEESAW books for tht portion of the course.
What is expected from the student?
First and for most is to be an active student in class and in all parts of the journey.
How long is the class.
Classes are usually 1 hour in length. However, as none can learn anything by spending an hour a week there will be reading homework.
What is the homework and how long will it take?
Each week students will be given a page of words to read every night on averge it should take about 10 minutes to read. If students are having difficulty they may be given the option of more reading.
Will my child have to pass any tests?
DEFINITELY!, Students will be tested each week on the previous weeks homework. In order to proceed the student must achieve 80%. The reason for the high mark is that in order to be confident your child must have a high standard. Having an 80% chance of being correct instead of a 50% or lower that is allowed in normal schools.

What happens if my child does not get 80%?
Simple we will continue to go over the work. We will look at what the mistakes are and make the necessary corrections until the student is ready to take the next
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