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Next, lets us proceed to child neglect. Neglect is defined as a maltreatment that refers to a failure to provide adequate needs to a child at each stage. Child neglect happens in all families, either good or poor. Parents might become mentally and physically unable to take care of their children. Neglect falls into several categories. There are emotional neglect, educational neglect, development neglect, medical neglect and physical neglect. Emotional neglect happens when parents do not give their child’s needs for attention. For example, parents put less attention on their children as they are busying in earning livings and spending most of their time working. Educational neglect means that parents do no attend Parents’ Day or do not meet…show more content…
For instance, parents are unable to pay for their children medication fee when they are sick or they do not give adequate care when their children are sick. Development neglect is parents do not encourage their children to live a healthy lifestyle. Parents do not stop their child from smoking or taking drugs even they know their child is a substance abuser.
It is very easy to spot neglected children. Here are some physical, behavioural and intellectual symptoms of neglected children .They tend to demonstrate poor hygiene and have very bad breath or decaying teeth. If a child wear inappropriate clothes for weather, he or she might be a victim of child neglect. They will also have difficulties in meeting friends and exhibit low self-esteem. In addition, a neglected child will have a variety of academic problems, such as play truant. They will also exhibit stealing, vandalism or other criminal
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Physical abuse is defined as non-accidental injury to a child. Most of the victims of physical abuse have persistent and serious bruises on their body. According to the 2007 report of Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children, Australia is one of the countries that had failed to prevent violence against children.
Besides, a research on physical abuse had done in 1990 and found out that 2.4% of the children in American families had been kicked, bitten, punched, beaten up, burned, scalded, threatened or attacked using a knife or a gun by their parents. An additional of 8.5% had been hit with a hard object by their parents.
However, a lot of parents claimed that their actions are a form of discipline to make their children behave well. But, there is a big difference between teaching and abusing. In fact, to discipline a child is to teach them right from wrong, not to put them living in

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