The Importance Of Child Pornography

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INTRODUCTION Pornography is much debated subject among scholars all over the world. There are differences in opinions among scholars about harms (including both physical and moral) of pornography. It is a problem in India for more than 20 years. Pornography is mainly publishing and distributing obscene pictures and not only pictures but also performances both in live and on film. These pictures or performances are of naked people depicting human genitalia, sexual arousal and sometimes even violence related to them or aggressive sexual actions. According to Berger, pornography is “art or literature which explicitly depicts sexual activity or arousal in a manner having little or no artistic or literary value. Pornography includes obscene materials where there is no limit to age also. So, even children are involved either by coercing or by inducing them. Different states have different laws as to what should be the age of child. In India any person below the age of 18 years is considered as child. And if such person a person is involved in these activities then it is called child pornography. It has its different forms like through Cd’s, Dvd’s, images, pictures but the most popular form of child pornography is through…show more content…
In recent years child pornography has increased due to the easy access of the internet, & easily available videos on the internet. Child pornography is the most heinous crime which has led to various other crimes such as sex tourism, sexual abuse of the child etc. Specialized police forces to deal with problems of piracy and pornography must be established. These problems are not inferior to the problems of terrorism and drugs-smuggling. The money involved in terrorism and drugs smuggling is earned through piracy and pornography. The involvement of Dawood Ibrahim in the piracy business is the proof of the bondage between pornography, piracy and

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