Essay On Child Wellbeing

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Child Well-being
When talking about child well-being it is important that we take the child as a whole into consideration. Children and young people should be healthy, respected, active, nurtured, given responsibilities, be included, be listened to and be safe from harm and be supported in achieving their maximum potential Moore, K.A., (1997).

Psychological well-being and physical well-being are the two main elements of child well-being. We examine many aspects of the child’s life such as social developments and behaviour, psychological and developmental health, cognitive development and educational achievement etc Moore, K.A., (1997).

Aistear created The Early Childhood Curriculum framework which focused on Child well-being. The framework set four goals which they aim to achieve for child well-being:
• Children will be strong socially and psychologically
• Children will be healthy and as fit as possible
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The parents or carers and immediate family will have the biggest impact on a child’s social development however it is as important to take into consideration that a child’s development is influenced by a wider network of social supports Bronfenbrenner, U (2009).

Urie Bronfenbrenner developed the Ecological systems theory to explain how a child’s development is effected by their social relationships and by everything in their surrounding environment. He believed that each person’s environment is divided into five different environmental levels which are the Microsystem, the Mesosystem, the Exosystem, the Macrosystem and the Chronosystem and that each of these levels impact the child’s development either directly or non-directly Bronfenbrenner, U (2009)
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