The Importance Of Childbirth

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Simkin P (1992)2 stated that although childbirth typically concludes within a single day, women often remember their experiences vividly, even decades later. Health professionals have long understood that the childbirth process can be unpredictable. However, given a healthy outcome, the extent to which the birth environment supports a woman’s medical and psychological needs may have a major role in determining whether she is satisfied with the experience Beck CT (2011)3 stated that childbirth is a significant life event. Although most birth experiences are positive, some women perceive giving birth as a traumatic event and may even experience post-traumatic stress disorder. It is essential that nurses and childbirth educators understand how women experience birth and what factors influence their perceptions of giving birth. Karkada EC (2012)4 stated that childbirth is an important life experience for women. Maternity care provider should strive to create a childbirth experience that is safe, positive and satisfying for the childbearing women. The childbearing woman undergoes one of the most profound life changes she will ever experience and there is always potential for psychological benefits or damage. Women who receives adequate care in labour gain in sense of mastery and personal strength as they face the challenges of labour and birth. In contrast a negative birth experience can be very disempowering and can have negative effects in women’s self-esteem, Self efficiency

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