Satisfaction In Nursing

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Simkin P (1992)2 stated that although childbirth typically concludes within a single day, women often remember their experiences vividly, even decades later. Health professionals have long understood that the childbirth process can be unpredictable. However, given a healthy outcome, the extent to which the birth environment supports a woman’s medical and psychological needs may have a major role in determining whether she is satisfied with the experience Beck CT (2011)3 stated that childbirth is a significant life event. Although most birth experiences are positive, some women perceive giving birth as a traumatic event and may even experience post-traumatic stress disorder. It is essential that nurses and childbirth educators understand how…show more content…
Patient satisfaction has been defined as the degree of congruency between a patient expectation of ideal care and her receives. Patient satisfaction represents a key marker for the quality of health care delivery and this internationally accepted factor needs to be studied repeatedly for smooth functioning of the health care systems. A better appreciation of the factor pertaining to client satisfaction would result in implementation of custom made programs according to the requirements of the patient, as perceived by patient and service providers. Patient is the best judge since she accurately assesses and her input help in the overall improvement of quality health care provision through the rectification of the system weaknesses by the concerned authorities. Satisfaction in service provision is increasingly being used as a measure of health system performance. Satisfaction manifests itself in the distribution, access and utilization of health services. Dodwell M & Newber M (2010)29 explained that high quality of healthcare is defined as care which is safe, effective and takes account of patient experiences. There is good evidence that the normal birth rate can be used as an indicator of the quality of midwifery care. There is strong evidence thought which it is assessed…show more content…
For every women, labour and childbirth is a time of excitement and anticipation alongside uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and pain. It is a time for physiological adjustments for both the mother and her baby and a period of important social and physiological adjustments. Mbeinkong CN (2010)31 described that patient satisfaction has been strongly advocated by nursing professionals worldwide to be an important indicator of quality nursing care delivery. The purpose of measuring satisfaction here is to understand the patients ' experience of labour and childbirth and access intrapartum care in order to obtain information about the quality of nursing care and identify problem areas. Records K & Wilson LB (2010)32 described that when care providers support their personal worth, use caring communication, facilitate consumer participation in decision making female, patients feel that their dignity is respected. Women treated with dignity feel respected and empowered about their care and are more confident in having a positive health outcome towards future
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