Environmental Influences On Childhood Development

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Childhood- an enchanted phase of life where everything seems lively and imaginative, where each morning light emanates a fresh bunch of hopes and happiness and where mischief is just an urge to dive into something new. Not every childhood is influenced by the sort of parenting and society that is pictured idyllic for a child’s overall development. There are cases when children struggle to survive corporal punishment, war, labor, discrimination and famine and to escape negativity of criminal life and impacts of overprotection or negligence of parents.
A child should grow up in an environment where parents, neighborhood and society can work together to groom them into a healthy and conscientious individual. A child must have access to fresh air, clean water, healthy food, sound sleep, sanitary environment. Health is one of the prerequisites in life, given that a sound mind can reside only in a sound body. The little minds that will have power to influence the world later should be given the right to splurge into the vast sea of knowledge, with no inhibition to their creativity. According to a research at university of Michigan, poverty stricken and troubled neighborhood seriously affect cognitive development of
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Children have right to non-discrimination, education, vaccination, survival, and freedom of expression, protection from violence, and against sexual exploitation, kidnapping, sales and trafficking. It’s rightly said: Children are wet mud. Whatever falls upon them makes an impression. Therefore developed countries where there is freedom and tranquility, environmental concern, high-quality education, healthcare, infrastructure would fit ideal for child rearing than an underdeveloped country which struggles with its lower per-capita income, high levels of poverty, low level of
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