My Grandmother A Turning Point Essay

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Most of my childhood was spent living in the Philippines, under my paternal grandparents’ care. It wasn’t always like that. I was under my real mom’s care for the first seven years of my life, with weekend visits to my grandparents.
My mom, Joanne, is nice. She made sure that we had a roof over our heads, food, and I get the best out of the education that my father pays for. She made sure that my brother and I were happy and well-provided for. Even if she had work minimum wage to do it, alongside the financial support that my dad sends every month.
But she would get mean.
It was one of the main reasons why my grandparents were granted my custody. My turning point. We’ll get to that a bit more later.
She would hurt me, without a single drop
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But she wasn’t home. She was out job hunting, and one of her cousins called her phone. I felt really scared, and like I was performing a huge act of betrayal against my mom. Which, in a way, I was.
She arrived, and she was surprised to see a cop with me. I guess she didn 't expect to come home to the sight. I hid behind my grandma and she held me, shielding me from view. It felt surreal, and words that they were saying barely registered in my young mind. But I remember screaming and arguing happen between my mom and grandma.
Then the question came.
Who would you rather live with? It was a question that still scares me every time I think of it. Who would I rather live with? Grandma or mom?
I chose my grandma, as some of my writings have stated before. It was one of the few turning points in my life that had a good outcome. My life became better when I moved in with my grandparents. But my decision still scares me to the point of crying, because I still love my mom. Even though we talk maybe, once or twice a year, words can never describe how much I love and miss her. And what I did hurt not only her, but also me. But even if I had the chance to change it, I wouldn’t. Because my life became better, and now I can have a better future where I can help her.
And experience being her daughter

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