The Importance Of Children's Literature

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“Not just empty stories for kids, fairy tales shed light on the mentality of young children” Rereading books as an adult is completely different from reading it as a child, as we start to see things from a different perspective and a varied point of view.
Children’s Literature is extremely vital as it provides the child with the chance of responding to literature and developing personal opinions. Moreover, it encourages deeper thoughts and emotional intelligence and imagination; it cultivates growth and development of personality and social skills. Giving children access to all types of literature is important for their success, as reading is not only valuable for studying and success in school but for many other reasons as well.

Children’s books are inevitably informative in some ways; even the most child-friendly are maintaining implicit attitudes, it is generally assumed that those who write for children will naturally be persons of goodwill, wishing to do good in some form for their readers.
Children’s books narrate a great deal to adults about the relationships of adults with childhood or about the concept of childhood at a particular period rather than portraying actual childhood.
99.9 % of children’s books are written by adults not all writers have an agenda. They reclaim to be nothing but entertainers that have their own ideological stance and ideas of what is right and what is wrong from their own way of perceiving the world. Each reader perceives the story in a

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