The Importance Of Children's Literature?

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Children’s literature is defined as books that are enjoyed by children's such as picture books, poems and easy to read stories (Anderson, 2005). However, Clark (2004) argues that “children’s literature is always written for both children and adults; to be published it needs to please at least some adults.”(Clark, 2004, p. 96). The reason behind why children's literature need to get an endorsement from adults before being published is because children's literature can have a major influence on children's characters and values. Almerico (2014) stated that children are influenced by the characters portrayed in books that they read. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the books read portray characters with good values such as honesty and kindness. Besides shaping children characters, early exposure of children’s literature enables children to develop their language and literacy skills. According to Duursma et…show more content…
9 – Year – old Bruno and his family leave Berlin to stay near the out – with (fictional version of Auschwitz concentration camp) because his father has been promoted to the commandant. Bruno doesn’t like to stay in out - with because there is no friend to play with and he is very lonely. After few weeks staying in the new house, Bruno felt that he will slowly go mad if he doesn’t find something to entertain him. Therefore, he decided to explore the area and finds Shmuel a Jewish boy who is the same age as him and share the same birthday. In spite of the fact that the barbed wire fence isolates them, the boys started a prohibited friendship, unaware of the real nature of their surroundings. One day Shmuel’s father went missing in the camp. Shmuel doesn’t realize that his father had gone to the gas chamber and ask Bruno to help locate his father. However, both Bruno and Shmuel end up in the gas chamber in the midst of locating Shmuel’s
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