The Importance Of Children's Literature

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Children 's literature have big themes and subjects, also children 's literature have many messages, that notice from Pullman style and content speech in his Carnegie Medal “There are some themes, some subjects, too large for adult fiction; they can only be dealt with adequately in a children’s book” (qtd. in Vallone, Mickenberg 106) and link it to ' 'Northern Light ' ', but what is children 's literature? Peter Hunt describes children 's literature as an oxymoron; because it 's reading and writing by adult but it 's related to children and childhood, so it 's a complex thing for Hunt, in contrast of Ursula Le Guin that saw children 's literature simple and it 's just writing for kids, for Peter Hunt the children being manipulated by adult, it 's deals with power and ideology that every writer has ideology, children 's literature content three elements (children, literature, for-ness) (Maybin, Watson 12- 22), Perry Nodelman throw his reading for ' 'Northern Light ' ', he defined the children 's literature as the contraction and relationship between children and childhood,( Reynolds 28-29), Pullman says I write be to know what it means to be human(to grow up and to suffer for learn), and more important is ' 'Northern Light ' ' as crossover for adult and for children (Hunt, Lenz 122). What are the themes and subject that deal only with children 's literature? Children 's literature have big and huge themes such as loyalty, love, the true place of religion and
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