The Importance Of Children's Misbehavior

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Children's misbehavior Do you think we were faced in our society a problem with children's misbehave? If yes, do you know if this problem because of adults' act? The parents who are responsible for their children's act because the most important thing that affected on children is the behavior of parents with them. Later on comes the other things are affected on children's behavior. The parents face a lot of the bad behavior of children, ‏ sometimes they do not know how to deal with it or sometimes they are acting by wrong way. One of the most common expressions parents can be heard saying about their children is, “I don’t understand why he’s/she’s doing that”. It is extremely useful for parents to know these because if they can pinpoint…show more content…
For example, they want to get attention. Therefore, it is very important to give them the feeling that we love them even if they misbehave. It is also important to give them interest when they behave well. So, do not let your child to misbehave. There are some things that need to be known well. It is necessary to help children to understand and teach them that everyone may makes mistakes. They are frustrated, because they are going through different stages quickly, that’s why they misbehave. Be a leader for your child. We must give children love, such kind words, kisses, hugs and telling stories so their behavior can be improved. We should talk and teach them so they can rely on themselves because we will not remain with them all the time. For example. It is good to let a -3- year’s old child respond to the phone. The child’s behavior may depends on what he watches on TV, school or parents. The biggest impact is the parent acts cautiously in front of the child so that makes him like you. It is very difficult to teach children something we do not do. Others may offend because he thought he had grown up sees his opinion is true and the views of his parents is a wrong. Be patient, children need a lot of time to learn, you have approximately 12-18 years to teach them how to behave well. Deal with them gently and be patient and let them live a beautiful childhood. Children sometimes may misbehave to…show more content…
These behaviors message indicating that the child needs a sense of belonging and concern. For example: Child, who draw attention to his parents through the bad behavior and disturbing like whining and clinging because he believed that whine and cling to them will bring the attention to his parents. The child feels stripped because his parents are doing and deciding to replace him while he is unable to do it himself. Also, this method make the child feels controlled over his life and this may cause weakness problem in his character. This power makes the child angry, resists, talking back and not listening which leads to the challenge. Child goals is positive, but it was sought to negative, use

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