The Pros And Cons Of Jury Selection

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To start off, the jury is an important role when it comes to going to trial. The Sixth Amendment gives defendants the right to an impartial trial. A jury trial usually consists of six to twelve personnel within the community. There is a process called voir dire in which the selected jury goes through a series of question to determine their mindset and to ensure that they aren’t favoring one side over the other. Both the prosecution and defense team have a chance to select and question the jury. Even though both sides choose and question the jury, a psychologists are hired most of the time to consult alongside with them. According to Wachtel (2016), the role of the consultant which is more than likely a psychologist is to look for nonverbal indications such as facial expressions, body movement and other gestures that might question the integrity of that person. Choosing the wrong jury member could have a negative impact on the case. First, there are concepts that are used by psychologist when involved in jury selectin. Observational learning concept could be used in the jury selection which means learning a new behavior by observing a person. Psychologist could use this process because their job is to observe the person in order to learn their behavior and to determine the mindset to sit…show more content…
They all have a common issue that they have to deal with in one way or another. As far as law enforcement and psychology, safety issues may be a problem. Psychologists can consult on interrogations with suspects from different countries. Misunderstanding of the culture or behavior could have a negative impact on the case and could possibly place someone in harm’s way. To eliminate this from happening, there are guidelines such as Ethical Standard 2.01(b), Boundaries of Competence for psychologists to

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