The Influence Of Christmas In American Culture

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The holidays always feel like they come out of nowhere every year. What is a fact that no matter if you are a fan or not, no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, you are going to hear Christmas talks all around you. Of course including ideas of what a real Christmas traditions are like.

Yet, from a historical perspective, American Christmas has had some bizarre moments in the past.

What we believe today about Christmas traditions are actually different trends and concepts of Christmas in the past, some of which we have kept.

What we celebrate today as Christmas is a combination of European Christian religious custom, German influences, ideas from the technological events and of course some enterprising weirdness.

In 1910, what families viewed as a normal Christmas would seem very much confusing today.

In the end, we came to a
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Americans also got seriously innovative when it came to the ambience in Christmas time. They created even fake snow for indoor trees and atmosphere with cotton.

How effort you put in when it comes to Christmas traditions in comparison to this?

The pickle of Christmas
Christmas pickle food decoder

There is an actual Christmas pickle tradition in America. And it still persists in some parts of the country.

The tradition is to buy a glass pickle ornament, hide it somewhere in the tree and later let the children hunt for the pickle. Of course, the one that finds it will get an extra gift.

Many people in that time believed that this one out of all other Christmas traditions came out of Germany. But it appears and seems like Germany has never heard of such tradition.

The most logical and true explanation is that this ornament is just an enterprising product whose sale man made up the story and sell otherwise not popular pickle ornaments. What a genius right?

Teddy bears as gifts
Teddy bear food
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