Why I Want To Be An Air Cadet Essay

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The beginning of my cadet career was full of interest, albeit, questions certainly swirled in my mind. All I had known about the Air Cadet Program previous to joining was from second hand sources. I was yearning to know more about the program that so many successful Canadians had graduated from - what did being an Air Cadet, really mean? To answer this, one of the first lessons I was taught as a 12 year old on a Wednesday night was General Cadet Knowledge: specifically, the aims of the Air Cadet Program. At the time, the three aims seemed simple enough, but looking back, I never really understood what the “development of citizenship” meant. Citizenship is officially defined as the act of being a legal member of a nation - but is that all there is to it? With my fourth year as an Air Cadet, I have learnt that being a citizen is more complex than at…show more content…
When I started my first year in high school at Old Scona Academic, my transition from junior high wasn’t the smoothest. I didn’t know what courses to take nor how to handle the stress. It was in these times that my school’s mentorship program proved invaluable. Returning students had the option of becoming a mentor for new students and my grade 11 mentor cleared up all my worries the second after I had them. So I took inspiration from all the help I was given and am now a mentor for a new grade 10. On top of meeting my mentor during lunch-time mentorship events, I make the effort to contact my mentee after school and have meaningful conversations with him. He may not have any specific struggles or questions about school, but the simple act of talking with him gives him the confidence that he can talk to me no matter the circumstance. Through this mentoring, I hope I have made my mentee’s transition easier but more importantly, I hope he follows in my steps by taking inspiration and becoming a new mentor next
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