The Importance Of City Development

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Born in Bandung and raised in several different cities around Indonesia such as Palu, Surabaya, Rembang, Tegal and Semarang, I have witnessed rapid development of Indonesia Archipelago during the past two decades. I have always been fascinated by how cities has evolved from a small village to a global city and curious about how it has been planned and designed to be large in size and population while still maintaining its function and adapting to changes.
Later on in my academic career as an architect, while recognizing the positive side of city development, I am more aware of the negative consequences of inequality and its social and ecological impacts. Urban landscape are now the most visible sign that cities have become polarized. Two different area standing side by side separated by status and rights. The development and management of sustainable urban agglomerations are major challenges on a global scale.

The most significant part of my academic journey as my concern in city inequality was working with informal settlement to develop an alternative design and to upgrade the settlement of the Winongo and Gajahwong riverside settlement in Yogyakarta together with Arkom Jogja. The term of informal settlement always remain a negative impression to most of the city image. Informal area, which somehow mixed with slum area, considers being an obstacle for a city to grow better, and then we try to create defensive architecture: designing the informal out of cities. In this

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