The Importance Of Civic Responsibility

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Today’s children are the tomorrow’s responsible citizens. As the children are the posterity , it is the felt need today to equip them with social sense and civic responsibilities in this dynamic world scenario. Attempting to define civic responsibility can be a daunting task because of frequently overlapping constructs, values, and interpretations. Indeed, the very mention of the term civic responsibility evokes notions of what it means to live in a democracy, in addition to the complementary ideas of citizenship, social responsibility, civic engagement, and community involvement. In constructing a working definition of civic responsibility for this guide, we have to depict it as an overarching concept that encompasses civic engagement and what it means to be a citizen: Civic responsibility means active participation in the public life of a community in an informed, committed, and constructive manner, with a focus on the common good. The young people have a strong sense of civic responsibility – a complex capacity that combines cognition ,emotion and behavior. Civic responsibility involves knowledge of political issues and the means through which citizens can resolve differing views fairly ,feelings of attachment to the community ,of wanting to make a difference in its welfare ,and skills for achieving civic goals, such as how to contact and question the public officials and conduct meetings .So that all the participants have a voice. Recent researches reveals that

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