The Importance Of Civil Disobedience

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Tracking back the independence of the United States, we are impressed by First Shot at Lexington, the Boston Tea Party, and Great Victory in Saratoga, in which Americans demonstrated their persistent pursuit of freedom. This civil disobedience was victory and wonderful, laying a foundation for a newborn superpower. However, in modern society, civil disobedience is always inappropriate, regardless in a despotic country or a democratic country. In a despotic country, civil disobedience is ineffective. Since the dictatorship holds the most power and right, oppressing people to the largest extent without affording them a possible chance to revolt, it is not significant but merely risky for people to show any civil disobedience towards the tyranny. With the most power, there is no reason for a despotic country to allow civil disobedience. To begin with, take a case in China as an instance; less than two years ago, the Chinese government decided to establish a p-xylene (gaseous chemical raw material factory in Maoming city (a small city in southern China), which was objected by most of Maoming residents because such factory would post a threat to both local environment and local residents’ health. They organized large-scale demonstrations in Maoming city. More severely, civil disobedience can give rise to bloodletting. The Tiananmen Square Massacre is a case in point. On June 6th, 1989, one million people assembled in the Tiananmen Square and demonstrated for liberty and
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